Step 5: Peer Review

Now that you have finished your work and published it, it is time to learn about other topics you did not research, and to think critically about those topics as well. Here's what to do:

1. Open a blank Word document and save it as "Web Page Peer Review" in your Environment project folder in your H Drive.

2. Visit the sites of at least 2 other students in the class that researched different topics than you.

3. Read their research essay and scan their pics, video, etc.

4. For each of the pages you visit, type the following in the Word document:

The student's name and topic

Summarize(restate the main points of the project) what you learned from their site

Describe two opposing arguments to the author's thesis

Do you agree or disagree with the author?

Why do you agree or disagree?

5. Spell and Grammar check your response.

6. Copy your response and paste it on each author's page. Here's how:

Click on their page

Click on the "push pin" next to the EDIT button at the top right of their page
Click on NEW POST

Enter your name in the subject area

Paste your typed response.

Click save

7. Print your Word document with all comments and hand in to your teacher!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully completed your 7th grade Research Project!