Say No to Fracking

Background Information

A lot of Adults find that drilling for natural gas (fracking) is good for the environment because we are producing our own natural gas. But its really not because earthquakes, explosions and wild fires are occurring because of this. Flammable methane and other toxic fluids are leaking from the wells and are
drenching grass, farmers land and many other places. Fracking can affect human and animals health; harm the environment and cause natural disasters. Even though it may be good for the economy, there are still so many more risks and precautions. Drilling for natural gas (fracking) is when you blast water, sand and chemicals together. You inject all of these chemicals into the ground, which is causing friction, and that is the cause of the earthquakes.

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Below is a chart that shows the Pros and Cons of Fracking:

For Fracking (PRO)
Against Fracking (CON)
-Gives thousands of new jobs
- Produces billions of barrels of gas and oil
- Heats houses, lights up stove, propels cars
-1/5 of all energy
- Produces money quickly
- Supplies about 3 million jobs
-US is the largest consumer of fossil fuel
-Adds more than $385 billion to U.S economy
-Produces earthquakes
-Groundwater pollution and groundwater contamination
-Air quality issues
-2011- explosion/fire
-Spills of drilling fluids
What a fracking site usually looks like
What a fracking site usually looks like

- Contamination water can kill fish / other aquatic animals
-Increased ozone/ smug problems
- Can develop asthma, bad rashes, stomach aches and leukemia
-Affects America’s landscape
-Life-threatening impacts for
-Flammable methane
-Wells, streams and creeks are undrinkable now

Fracking is affecting the earth in more bad ways than good. The practice of drilling for natural gas creates great health and environmental risks; and should be
A fracking well
A fracking well
stopped or limited. Fracking causes groundwater pollution that leaves behind toxic liquids and flammable methane that can lead to natural disasters like earthquakes and wildfires. There have also been reports of health issues like asthma, leukemia in the long run and bad rashes caused by fracking.

Groundwater Pollution

Fracking can cause major groundwater pollution, which forms environmental risks. While fracking, flammable methane can leak; oil, which can spill all around the wells and toxic liquids, can be left behind after drilling. There also isn’t only groundwater pollution; there is groundwater contamination as well. Grant Smithfield, Pennsylvania set fire to his stream outside of his house because while they were drilling, methane leaked into the stream and caused it to bubble and become flammable. In Wyoming, there is contaminated water, which is linked to their stream, rivers and wells; this leaves all of these resources undrinkable for humans and wildlife. In Pennsylvania, around wells there is oil that leaked and toxic fluids that has been left behind from when the drilling
How fracking destroys landscapes
occurred. The oil and toxic fluids drenched the grass and soaked into the ground. All of the water that would be used is now contaminated and ruined. All of the different chemicals that are being put into the ground are going into the water that should be used for process. All of the chemicals are being out into the ground and are ruining America’s beautiful landscape. For example, after the explosion in 2011, that farming land has never recovered and with all of the oil and chemical spills, the grass will always remained contaminated and will never change.

Finally, all of the contaminated water is killing fish and other aquatic animals. Since all of these chemicals are being put into the ground and are causing contamination, natural disasters are now being caused by fracking too.

Natural Disasters
Natural disasters all around the globe are being caused by fracking. There have been reports of wildfires, earthquakes, and explosions. In 2011, there was an explosion while drilling in Branford County, Pennsylvania that lead into a massive fire. This explosion/fire blew up the whole entire well and leaked thousands of gallons of oil and toxic fluids to a nearby farming land, creeks, and streams all around. In 9 months, there have been reported earthquakes that happened because of fracking. Experts have done tests and have research to make sure that these earthquakes came from fracking it came out positive that 11
The aftermath of earthquakes
The aftermath of earthquakes
earthquakes in the past 9 months have been caused by fracking. All of the liquids in the ground cause friction that lead to all of the earthquakes. So while they are drilling, they are releasing hundreds of toxic liquids into the ground that just causes a bunch of friction. Plus, there have been reports of ozone and smug problems due to fracking that are a factor of the earthquakes. 83% of the Earth is sedimentary rock and that is what people frack for. Since this rock is a majority of the Earth, when you cause friction, the bigger the earthquake it is and the more earthquakes there are. The leaking of flammable methane while drilling is causing the wildfires. The methane is being caught on fire with the leaking of the oil. All of these toxic fluids can lead to many different health risks for not only humans but for wildlife too.

Health Problems

Many people and animals have been having health problems due to fracking. Families all over America have been experiencing rashes, stomachaches, leukemia, and asthma. Wildlife has been impacted majorly by fracking. Now animals don’t have clean drinking water so they are dying of dehydration and starvation because their food is being ruined by oil spills, leaking of methane and wildfires. A family in Smithfield, Pennsylvania developed asthma, badrashes that were all over their bodies and stomachaches that doctors couldn’t understand. Scientist did a research and found out that 75% of all the 353 chemicals used
for fracking affect the skin, eyes and other sensory organs. This is why this family in Smithfield, Pennsylvania is developing asthma and bad rashes. Asthma is being developed because there aren’t only chemicals going into the ground but chemicals going into the air. This is a becoming a big problem because of all of the air
Anyone can develop asthma!
Anyone can develop asthma!
pollution more and more people are developing asthma. Rashes caused by fracking could be because of all the drilling and oil being put into the Earth. Most of these side effects are short term but are still a big deal. Fracking can also lead to leukemia in the long run because of being surrounded by all of the chemicals and it affects your sensory organs. Since there is so much water contamination to water of streams and wells, animals cannot get the amount of water they need to live, because of this more and more animals are dying. Plus, since there have been more wildfires caused by fracking animals foods are being destroyed, like grass, trees, and more food.

The Future

I think that in the future fracking is going to become more dangerous because the drillers will want to put more chemicals in the ground which will cause more natural disasters, groundwater contamination, and health risks. Law should be passed saying that if you want to frack somewhere you need to ask permission of the person owning the property and permission of the state. Plus, if that area is not safe for fracking then you should not able to frack there. To make this happen, if you see something happening on your property, like oil spills, water contamination or wildfires, you need to tell the person that owns the wells and have it removed and talk to your state senate, mayor, state legislative.
Where fracking occurs
Where fracking occurs
Doing this, you will help the environment, and many human and wildlife lives. Everyone needs to be involved in this. Everyone needs to make sure that when they are drilling they are drilling safely. I think that if someone says something and does something about it then fracking will end or will be limited. But I still wonder when fracking began and who really discovered it. Plus, I also wonder where the majority of fracking takes place. I would imagine America because we are the biggest consumer in fossil fuel and that’s what fracking produces, natural gas.


Drilling for natural gas (fracking) should be limited or put to a stop because of the health risks, environmental risks and all of the pollution that comes with it. Even though it produces millions of new jobs for people it can take the life of people and animals. With all of the contamination in the water and oil spills around the wells it can kill animals and give human horrible
Why people frack, what it looks like underground
Why people frack, what it looks like underground
side effects. Fracking has been known to cause earthquakes and wildfires because of all of the chemicals being put into the ground. Finally, I think that fracking should be stopped or at least limited because of all of the horrible things it can lead to.

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