Does Fracking Over Power All It’s Flaws?
There is a huge fight going on now seeing if fracking should be allowed, see what you think. Fracking should not be allowed in this country because of the severe environmental, health, and economic risks. There is a lot to learn about Fracking, to pick a side whether you are with fracking or against it. Which is exactly what I did to write this essay. Here are some of my reasons why fracking is no good.fracking.jpg
Money fast
Lower natural gas prices
More job openings
Powers houses, cars, buildings
All of it could last us 100 years
Supplies about 3 million jobs
Contaminating water
Methane escaping
Climate change
43% of people don’t want fracking
More than 1000 cases of water pollution

Water Pollution
not safe water.jpgThe number one defect to fracking is the water pollution. A family who lives in Smith Field, Pennsylvania is suffering from having fracking drills on their property. They are having health care issues. The ground water, rivers, wells, and lakes are getting contaminated. Grant and his father went to a nearby lake and saw the water bubbling. The put a lit match next to it and the water caught on fire. The ground water contamination is happening so much now and all these people and animals just feel hopeless. Also the companies are using our water to frack with. Once is gets shot into the ground while its mixing with the chemicals and sand to fracture the shale rock so it will release natural gas or oil. When the water that got shot down into the ground comes back up, it is no longer drinkable for anyone. Fracking is a process in which you shoot a mixture of water, sand, and chemical into the ground at high pressure. Then it punctures a rock called shale that is filled with natural gas. But then when the natural gas comes back up the workers are not careful enough and some spills. When it spills it pollutes groundwater, lakes, rivers, wells, and it even is getting into the peoples tap water system. People are predicted that soon we might not even have a water supply to keep us hydrated. Now you will see more reasons why fracking is not safe.

Environmental Defects
hide yo kids earthquakes coming.jpgFracking should be banned from the United States of America because it causes earthquakes to happen more frequently. This happens because when they shoot all those bad chemicals into the ground and shale energy builds up inside the ground from all of the pressure. That energy shouldn’t be there because it is what causes earthquakes. Imagine how much more earthquakes we are going to get if you think about how many fracking sites there are in the U.S. in only Colorado there are approximately 45,000 fracking wells. “When you over pressure a fault line, you reduce the stress that’s holding it together. Which could only force it to release and an earthquake happen.” Said a scientist who is currently studying earthquakes and how they occur. While people say that earthquakes don’t happen because of fracking are wrong. The odds of having an earthquake happen in the United States in the past decade has been increased by 11 times more. Now on to my last reason why fracking is absolutely terrible to have in out home we call America.

Health Care Issues
Fracking is now affecting many peoples healthcare. Some cases keep getting worse and worse from drinking the contaminated water. Since now the bad chemicals that were shot into the ground had gotten into peoples tap water, some may still drink it and not know that it has been contaminated. Grant and his family from Smithfield, Pennsylvania has had a few healthcare issues ever since fracking started on their property. His mom had just been diagnosed with a bad case of asthma. His younger brother gets horrible stomachaches really often, which the doctor can’t explain. But for Grant it wasn’t either it was terrible skin rashes. They could tell that it was caused by fracking because a lake on their property bubbles now and they put a match near it the water lit on fire. So many people are worried because since the ground is getting polluted that their vegetables and crops might get polluted as well.rash.jpgstomach aches from water

In the future I predict that fracking will get shut down for a while. But not for long, I think and hope that they will come up with a new, better, and safer way to frack. I say this so that our water, food, people, and environment will stay safe. But at the same time fracking will get highly developed so that we can have both. I say that fracking will get shut down for a while because of all the people who are against it. It’s not just adults who are there are many kids who are starting clubs in school who don’t support fracking. They also go to bi gatherings where many people bring signs that say “NO FRACKING!” for one I do not support fracking our earth and neither does half the people around he world.signs.jpg

As you can see fracking is a horrible thing to have in this beautiful country. It is very sad to hear that fracking or hydraulic fracturing is allowed in some states. Farmers lease their land to put fracking drills on because they want to make lots and lots of money. But that’s the only thing fracking promises to help with. But as I say “you can’t drink money can you?” if people keep fracking it will just keep getting worse and worse by the day. If they are going to frack, take more care of the chemicals coming out so they don’t spill into the GROUND! Fracking is horrible because of all of the health, economic, and environmental risks. You to can help stop fracking you just have to try.cant drink money.jpg

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