Is Fracking Worth The Risks?

  • Could power homes for a whole century
  • More natural gas we use less energy we need.
  • Creates open jobs
  • Lowered energy prices.
Leaving polluted landscapes.
  • Devastated community’s
  • Contaminated water
  • 14/29 of the states make them say what’s in fracking
  • Right next to community’s
  • Tested air and found pollution
  • Leaving polluted landscapes
Fracking Process
Fracking Process

Fracking photo
Fracking photo

Fracking has many flaws that aren’t worth our own risks. Fracking can pollute our environment because it can contaminate water, and leak methane. It also has health issues such as asthma and short term things like rashes and stomach aches. Finally, it can cause natural disasters like earthquakes. With the many flaws fracking has it isn’t worth it.

Natrual Disaters

Fracking can cause natural disasters. One natural disaster fracking can cause is an earthquake. Fracking can cause an earthquake because the injection lowers
external image Ohio-Fracking-Earthquake-3-537x396.jpg
the confining stress below the surface. Scientists did research and linked earthquakes to fracking. There was a 3.0 earthquake in Oklahoma, and a 4.0 earthquake in Ohio. This is probably from fracking because of all the stress. Methane is a part of fracking and methane is flammable so if it gets on fire it can burn a city, a forest, and a community. Fracking also has more problems.


Fracking can pollute our area. Methane can leak into the atmosphere. 3.6-7.9 % of methane from fracking leaks into the atmosphere. Methane is flammable and can cause
an explosion; a lot of methane is from fracking. Methane can cause climate change more than carbon dioxide, because methane’s is a worse greenhouse gas then carbon dioxide. Because of fracking there can be underground pollution, this can pollute drinking water. Some of the drinking water can be a resource for many people. 14/29 of the sates make them say what’s in fracking, because they want to know all the chemicals inside to see if it really is safe. They tested air and found polluted air, this was right by fracking. In Wyoming gas drilling area has recorded ozone levels higher then Los Angeles’s some days. Close to California Texas’s child asthma rate has gone from 7% to 25%. They also have seen a lot of smog by gas production.

Health risks

Polluted Drinking Water
Polluted Drinking Water

Fracking can have major health issues. Fracking can cause many problems such as asthma, stomach aches, bad rashes, these are all short term. 75% of 353 chemicals in fracking affect skin, eyes, and organs. 35% of chemicals that come from fracking can disrupt our body. Millions of Americans are threatened by a lot of failures in their body from fracking. My opinion is our health is more important than natural gas.

Who Should Be Involved?

I think the president needs to be involved in fracking. I also think the state that fracking is happening in should decide if they want fracking, because it is so bad. Fracking does employ a lot of people though. This would
mr. obama
mr. obama
be the only good part besides the natural gas. For example North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S.A. But I don’t think that compares to the conditions that fracking can make. If we still do this our environment will get worse and worse unless our nation does something about it.


I think fracking should not be allowed. It has many issues
such as health issues, natural disasters, and environment
problems. Fracking is polluting all of the country. If we don’t stop it can get worse and worse. Some people don’t even have fresh drinking water. The chemicals are killing fish, animals, and maybe soon a person can be its next victim. I don’t think it’s worth it because only 15% of gas is natural gas.

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