The Problems of E-Waste
E-Waste in China

It is not worth the burning of electronics. It is very bad for our environment, health, and our economy. It causes issues to our country as well as many other nations. People are dying and 70% of children have too much lead in their bodies. From e-waste to health problems, it is not worth the burning of electronics. But what does it do to Planet Earths environment.

Body Paragraphs
Burning of E-Waste
It causes environmental problems on our planet. It causes pollution to many towns including Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana, which is in the continent of Africa. It also causes pollution to major cities including, Hong Kong, which is in Asia. It causes less growth to plants and many farms and animals are in jeopardy. It causes water contamination and the food that the villagers eat is disgusting. E-Waste has caused many problems to Asia and Africa. But what about health problems?

It causes health problems to our body. In April, 2013, CBS’s 60 Minutes starred a doctor named Alan Hershkowitz. He said that it can cause cancers, mutations and other health issues to our body. In Southern China, 7 out of 10 kids have too much lead in their bodies. The kids can die from all the lead that is in their body. It causes many moms to have miscarriages because of all the pollution. But what about economic problems?

DOW Jones Industrial Average
It causes economic issues in the United States and other nations. It causes American stock markets to crumble and crash. The DOW or the NASDAQ could lose serious amounts of money. In Accra, Ghana, people have lost their homes and businesses because of the extremely polluted air. The world could have major debt issues including Hong Kong and Shanghai. How will it affect our future?

I think they will stop bringing E-Waste overseas. Because of the economic struggles and the pollution, America will stop the shipping of E-Waste to Accra and Hong Kong. The chemicals are strong and they are causing way too much sickness. America has been causing too much pollution overseas and we need to stop E-Waste for good.


In conclusion, I think it is a disaster ready to happen. I think this is a major problem that is affecting our world. It might get out of control if we don’t stop it. More kids could die and more water could be contaminated. The whole Earth could be affected! If we don’t stop this issue, we could be like the hard working people in Ghana or China. I hope we could stop this issue and end E-Waste for good.

Pro and Con's Chart
Consumers crave for it
Causes health problems
People use it every day
Polluted air
We produce newer tech
Contaminated water
We communicate
Loss of jobs
People die

Harder to breathe

Contains Mercury

Exported to Ghana or China

Animal death

Lack of fresh food

Pounds of E-Waste

E-Waste Videos

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