Nuclear Power is not as Safe as it Sounds

Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power:
Human Benefits of Nuclear Energy:
Environmental (and Human) Impact of Nuclear Energy:
-For nuclear power to be viable the price has to be $45 and right now the price is double that
-Carbon free energy source
-US would use nuclear energy to wean off using foreign oil
-Nuclear waste is just dumped in to a geological site where it decays over a period of time
-Provides jobs
-Nuclear waste industry /disasters, links to chronic sometimes fatal diseases
-$160 million on cooling towers
-Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy all start in the same place
-explosions from earthquakes cause fires
-diseases that can be cancerous are caused by radiation in foods/drinks

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Nuclear Power is not as organic and good as it is made out to be. There are a lot of risks that are taken through making nuclear power. Even though nuclear power does have some benifits, they do not outweigh the environmental, economic, and health risks that people are exposed to through making nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is made in power plants by uranium and out through a process called fusion but fusion can cause serious problems. There are numerous problems including environmental problems.

What are the Problems and Risks of Nuclear Power?

Enviromental Effects

art_nuclear_energy_gi.jpgThere are numeral environmental risks that come as a result of nuclear power. Power plants need a huge amount of space so they cut down lots of trees and habitats; also they need to be near a natural body of water so they destroy numerous estuaries and wild life. As well the increase in sulfur dioxide in the air causes acid rain which leads to contaminating surface of bodies of water. This poisons the water, can cause diseases to the animals and kill algae. Significant drops in the populations of several species of fish in certain regions of the US caused by the heat of rejected into the bodies of water that the power plants are located near. There are also big health risks that come with nuclear energy.

Health Effects

Nuclear Power plants cause huge risks and problems to human’s health. When there are accidents in power plants it releases large amounts of radiation which is extremely bad for human’s health. Radiation in foods like milk, tap water, and spinach cause diseases that can be cancerous. Radiation can also cause damage to organ tissue due to excessive exposure to ionizing radiatio0n. Ionizing radiation is when energy with enough force hits the cell atoms and makes the atom charged or ionized. If radiation strikes sex cells it causes genetic diseases in progeny. Nuclear power is also extremely expensive.

Expence Effects
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The price of nuclear energy and the process is not cheap. The whole process of fusion takes millions of dollars, for instance in March 2011 the cost of uranium was $1,300, for conversion $98, for fuel fabrication $1,132, the total approximate was $2,770 and that is all for 1K of uranium. As well, no nuclear power plant ordered since 1970 in the US will ever be finished due the expensive. This means that thousands of dollars were wasted in building and now there is no point to all of it. To add on to this there are numerous accidents and explosions in nuclear power plants which all have to be fixed which also costs a lot. But now that we know how hurtful nuclear power is we have to act on all the information.

For the Future

INuclear Power Plant 1.jpg think for the future we should stop using nuclear power as a power source. It is just going to get more dangerous and unpredictable. We should shut it all down and find a safe place to put the nuclear waste made over the years. People need to take a stand. If they do the government will have to listen and understand that nuclear power is too dangerous and should not be used. Yes, there will be still the problem of finding a clean energy sores but that is not worth the threat of what nuclear power plants have. I predict that a change won’t happen immediately but if this situation is properly brought to the government’s attention something will happen.

Conclusion:My opinion

Nuclear power is a genius idea but I don’t think people realized how the effects to the environmental, people’s health and the cost would have such an impact. I have learned a lot about how nuclear power has both good and bad factors. It is a clean source of energy but there have been so many accidents that it out weighs that fact. There are clearly more bad factors than good ones. Nuclear Power is just too dangerous.

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