Time To Stop Strip Mining
Jack Iacono
Period 4

This is my pro and con's chart
Obain coal for energy uses like oil and other coal liquids.
The dump ends up in vallys and turn into a ruddy orange waste.
Coal liquids are used for transport, cooking and stationary power generating.
Children that are born in these states can suffer from birth deffects.
Ligmite coal- lowest ranked coal, moist, wet and brown
People can fall in abandoned strip mines.
Sub bitumnous coal- dull black coal that’s crumbled to genrate electricity.
Wildlife streams have been destroyed by rocks and dirt.
Bituminous coal- Known as the "heat" coal for generating heat.
Air pollution creates damage by burning the coal.
Athrecite coal- hardest coal and has highest energy content.
Strip mining causes the act to remove mountain tops.

People have died from inhaling deadly gasses.

Oils have been spilled into ground water sources.

Strip mining picture for intro.jpg
Picture of Strip Mining
Strip mining for coal is a very bad thing to do. Strip mining should not be allowed anymore because of the harmful effects that can create great damage to a community and natural environment. Strip mining causes harmful effects one of them is air pollution.

What Are The Environmental Effects of Strip Mining?

Air Pollution To Our Environment
The air pollution creates lots of problems to an environment by strip mining. Air pollution can destroy the ozone layer. For an example the air pollution by burning coal creates chemicals to float off into the air and shrink the ozone layer. Air pollution can also happen by the wind. For an example the wind can carry off topsoil (sediment and dust) and can also be set off into the air.
air pollution from strip mining.jpg
Air Pollution to an Environment
This is a danger because the topsoil may be contaminated with several inches of toxic material. Another reason how air pollution by strip mining makes a problem to an environment is by the cars. How cars makes problems is since the coal is burned into a gas, the gas is burned off by the car and it pollutes the air with dull black smoke. The last reason how air pollution destroys an environment is by inhaling deadly gasses. For an example a few people died in one year by inhaling deadly gasses by strip mining. Another affect that strip mining does to an environment is the waste that pollutes wildlife from mountaintop removal.

Waste of Mountain Top Removal
The waste of strip mining causes many devastating affects to an environment. One reason of this is when strip mining
Stream pollution by strip mining.jpg
This is a picture of the waste that goes in streams and turns the water into a ruddy orange color
disturbs the rock leaving behind waste and rock piles filled with sulfides, like pyrite and exposing greater surface areas of those rocks to water and air. Waste problems also happen by sedimentation. For example strip mines are susceptible of this because of wasted rock piles, roads, leach pods and other uninvestigated areas. The last reason how the waste of mountaintop removal effects an environment is the waste end up in valley’s, lakes and rivers and turns into a ruddy orange color. This affects wildlife in an environment. The last thing that strip mining does to an environment is the abandoned mines that cause problems.

Abandoned Mines
Now abandoned mines that are left behind from strip mining creates damage to an environment. When mines are abandoned they often flood with ground water and discharge at a mine adit or seep into ground water sources. Mine tailings are also a problem to do with mines after they’re abandoned. For an example mine tailings are toxic and come from abandoned mines and their
strip mining.jpg
Abandoned strip mine
remnants of materials left behind after minerals are extracted from mining spots. Mine spots that are left open are also a problem to do with strip mining. Why it’s a problem is because 22 people died in one year from falling in mine shafts and that’s a big problem. Also people have fallen inside and been trapped and crushed in cave-ins. What I think that is going to happen in the future is a lot of things and that’s the next paragraph I’m going to write about.

My Opinion

I think that there should be an action taken place by stopping strip mining because it’s devastating to our environment. What makes me think this is because strip mining ruins an environment like this and it needs to be stopped. To achieve your goals of stopping strip mining is getting the facts and details of why u want to stop strip mining and stand up and tell the government what to believe in.
waste of strip ming.jpg
Picture of strip mining
I think the government would mostly be involved in this because they’re the ones bringing or telling the workers to go out and work. My prediction is that they’re going to eventually stop strip mining because the government will soon know to stop it because of what it does to our environment.

I have learned a lot about strip mining and my biggest opinion is to stop it because it causes abandoned mines to hurt an environment, wastes of mountain top removal is also a problem and lastly the air pollution that causes a big effect.

My video on Strip Mining

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