It Nuclear Energy Worth the Risk?
If you think nuclear energy if good, then think again. The few benefits nuclear energy has to offer do not out weight the risks and problems nuclear energy has and can cause, such as the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in 2011. Nuclear plants cost tons of money to build and operate. Also when accidents occur they cause major problems to the environment and to politics. Finally, nuclear waste can be radioactive for thousands of years.

Nuclear Power is almost carbon-free
Waste can remain active for thousands of years
Most effective way of making electricity
Meltdowns cause major enviornment
Avoids groung-level ozone formation
Costs a lot of money to run
Creates jobs
Possible for terrorists to take waste

Nuclear power plants cost a mega amount of money to build and maintain. It costs between 8 and 11 billion to build a new nuclear power plant from scratch. In 1956-2000 Canada spent 16.6 billion on its nuclear power plants. Also explosions can damage a nuclear plant and can cost millions to fix or rebuild. Some nuclear plants cost, on average $3200 per kW.

When an accident does occur in nuclear power plants they can cause catastrophic damage to the plant, humans, and the environment. If there is an explosion and the walls of the plant are broken then harmful radiation can leak into the environment. This radiation can cause health problems to humans and the environment. Some of these problems are asthma, cancer, or acute radiation poisoning. Also if the radioactive materials get into a lake or river and an animal drinks from it, then that animal will get poisoned or die depending or the level/severity of the radioactivity in the water. In some disasters, like the Chernobylnuclear plant disaster in 1986, then people living in the area could be forced to move or relocate their homes until the disaster is cleaned up, which could cost millions of dollars to fix.

Nuclear waste can be radioactive and dangerous for thousands of years once it comes out of the reactor. For instance if you were to stand next to the unshielded uranium as it comes out of the reactor, for just a few seconds, you would die of acute radiation sickness within a few days. Also nuclear waste has to be stored somewhere safe and secure from the public. Usually the nuclear waste is stored underground in salt caverns, or in Nevada, at Yucca Mountain. In the United States, today, there is 72,000 tons of nuclear waste just sitting around at nuclear plants. What would happen if these containers of waste were stolen from the nuclear plants? There is 30 times more radioactive waste that has gone missing since 1967. Where did it go?

The Futuresolar-panel.jpg
In the future, there will be more advanced technology so that we can get rid of nuclear power plants and a new form of renewable energy will surface. This energy will be a lot like solar and wind but will give off a lot more renewable energy. If this doesn’t happen though, the nuclear energy business will find a way to safely dispose of nuclear waste and they will improve on the making the plants totally free of carbon emissions.

The few benefits nuclear energy has to offer do not outweigh the risks it opposes. I believe that nuclear energy is a bad idea to carry on. Nuclear accidents change the environment, nuclear waste can be active for thousands of year and it cost a lot of money to build and maintain a nuclear power plant. Therefor I do not think the benefits of nuclear energy outweigh the risk it opposes.

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