Nuclear Energy and Its Effects on Human Nature

For years people thought of nuclear energy as the best and cleanest energy around. They thought since there was no greenhouse gasses it was perfect. Nuclear energy is not a type of energy people should use, although it emits no greenhouse gasses, it is a great risk to our society. It contaminates water and air, it is very expensive, and most importantly it is a giant health risk.

Nuclear energy has a lot of nuclear waste. All of that waste contaminates the water. This is not good for Mother Nature. This contaminated water is sucked up into the plants, and when the plants die, so will our oxygen. We won’t be able to breathe. Soon our food source will go to. The animals eat the plants and even if they don’t they eat the animals that do. We humans are omnivores. We eat plants and animals; eventually there will be nothing left to turn to. We won’t even have anything to drink, after all the water will be contaminated. The food chain applies to this concept as much as the water does. Except in this case the food chain and everything on it probably won’t come back.


Nuclear energy used to be very affordable and easy. It was the best and most modern. Now, though, it is quite expensive. This is very bad for the already failing economy. As prices go higher and higher so does the price for nuclear energy. With it already being extremely expensive to build a nuclear power plant the price now is unbelievably high. There are 104 nuclear power plants, but most of them were built before things became too expensive. Only one of the 104 nuclear power plants was built in the last 20 years. Along with the fact with how expensive it is just to build a nuclear power plant the workers still need to be paid. With all the people that have to work for the plant it’s a wonder that they still are in business. Some plants don’t stay in business though. Many nuclear power plants are in danger of closing. It is getting way too expensive to pay for nuclear power not to mention all the risks that come along with it.

Nuclear power is a giant health risk. There are so many things that can go wrong. For one it is very radioactive. People have to be careful when there are big storms or other natural disasters that people cannot control. This can set off a big explosion. A whole city can be destroyed. Just look at what happened in Japan with the Fukushima case. There was a giant tsunami it wiped out a whole city and the nuclear power plant. The plant exploded and toxic gasses were released into the air. People could not stay in that area for too long even with a special suit on. These people were in serious danger and some died.


For the whole world, not just one country, the future doesn’t seem very bright. Nuclear energy is a big problem and a big reason for why the future isn’t looking so great. It contaminates everything from air to water and all that is in between. Nuclear energy shouldn’t be used. Solar energy would be a great option to replace nuclear energy. It is clean and does not explode.


Using nuclear energy can damage our efficient community. It can tear our world, our lives apart. It will pollute and conquer, people will cease to exist and our human population would die out because of ourselves. Don’t people ever wonder “what would a clean technology-free world be like?” it would definitely be peaceful. We do not need technology or big machines or giant homes. The Native Americans lived without any energy, so why can’t we?