OceanDumping Has Its Downs

This is a pros and cons chart about ocean dumping.
It’s a place to put your garbage.
Unclean Oceans.
Its inexpensive.
Animals die .
Its quick and easy.
Makes you get sick from chemicals.
Its conveinent.
Its poison to the water.
You don’t really have to do much work.
It is less oxygen for the envirment.

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Ocean Dumping is really harmful for the environment, and people and animals die from it every year. Ocean dumping is basically bad for everyone and everything because it kills sea animals and sea life. It makes unclean oceans so people cannot swim it the ocean and toxic waste is poured in the oceans to. People also can get sick from ocean dumping and they can get diseases by going in to the water.
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Killing the Sea

Ocean Dumping kills sea animals and it also kills sea life. Over one million sea mammals are killed each year from consuming plastic in the ocean. 300,000 dolphins, whales, and porpoises die each year from ocean dumping and garbage in the ocean.
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Dirty Water

Ocean Dumping causes unclean oceans and toxic waste is pored in to the ocean and that is really bad for the earth and the people. 17 million tons of industrial waste was legally dumped in to the ocean. Food waste, trash, mining wastes, human wastes, and sewage are being put into the ocean. Today, there is an island of trash in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas.

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People Get Sick

People can get sick from ocean pollution and also get diseases from going in to the ocean. Swimmers are 1.76 times more likely to get stomach troubles with ocean dumping in it. Swimmers are 4.46 times more likely to report of some kind of illnesses or fevers. Swimmers are 5.91 times more likely to report with itching, rashes and other skin woes.

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I think that in the future the actions that we need to do is to stop polluting the ocean and just throw our garbage in our trash that we have. People need to care more about the world around themselves and not just be a slob and throw your garbage on the ground or in the ocean. The results will be a better look of the oceans water and more animals in the ocean will survive and people won’t get diseases. I predict that in 20 years there will be less pollution and less ocean dumping in the ocean and on the ocean.


I think that polluting the ocean and ocean dumping is really bad for the environment but also to all living things because they can get really sick or can even die from ocean dumping.

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