Issues Due to Land Clearing

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Have you ever thought about what happened to all of the forests and all your favorite forest animals? In the world today many forest have been destroyed due to land clearing and deforestation. Animals are losing their homes; there have been horrible climate changes, and many consequences to humans. Land clearing should not be allowed because of all the harmful impact on the environment and its negative consequences on animals, humans, and the climate.

Pro and Con Chart
Pros of deforestation
Cons of deforestation
  • firewood
  • peoples homes
  • food
  • water not drinkable
  • more land
  • soil erodes
  • more room for Agriculture
  • trees remove pollution we need them
  • more jobs
  • food not usable

  • animals are dying

The Causes of Land Clearing to Animals

orangutan deforestation.jpgDue to land clearing and deforestation species of trees are becoming extinct. Also, animals are losing their habitats. help us deforestation animals.jpgAnimals are losing their food sources as well. In satellite images it shows that 1,798 square miles of the Amazon were destroyed between August 2011- July 2012. Although deforestation rates have dropped it is still not enough. Thanks to deforestations, habitats are diminishing causing many animals to become endangered. For example, the Amur leopard, Asian elephant, bonobo, and chimpanzees are becoming endangered. This should not have to happen anymore. No more animals should become endangered or extinct. Furthermore, since the trees are getting demolished the animal’s food is getting taken away from them. The leaves, nuts and fruit that once hung on these plants are no longer available to the various animals that need them.

Consequences to Humans

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The consequences to humans include their homes being destroyed, the food and water becoming non usable, and we need
the plants that are being destroyed for medicines. People still live in the forest. They are destroying people’s homes. Since deforestation and land clearing their homes are being damaged. In addition, human’s resources such as food and water are becoming unusable. The water is becoming contaminated. Also, since food is hanging from trees and the trees are being knocked down the food is not usable anymore. Some plants in the forest are being used to make medicines. But, since the plants are destroyed the medicines are gone.

Climate Changes

When land clearing and deforestation occurs deforestation_graph.jpg
the climate and the water cycle change. Trees make a big contribution to the climate. Trees store carbon dioxide. They remove pollution from soil and freshwater. We need trees to survive. Also, trees give us oxygen. If land clearing continues there would be no more trees. In addition, the water changes from clean to contaminate. When the land is cleared less rainfalls and the ecosystem changes. Soil changes as well, more soil erosion happens. Land clearing can cause floods and soil erosion.

The Future

In the future, animal’s habitats should not be ruined. Also, the human consequences should not happen. In addition to that, the climate should not have to change. In the future, no more forest should be demolished for firewood or for cattle ranching. People of the future should not have to have their homes demolished. Today, 22 American companies have already agreed to disclose. People need to realize all the harmful things that happen due land clearing. We can get there by understanding the damage land clearing is doing to the environment. I think that in the future people will know more and realize that the benefits do not outweigh the environmental impact of rainforest destruction.


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The benefits of land clearing do not outweigh the environmental impact of rainforest destruction. I believe that land clearing is a bad idea to carry on. Land clearing destroys animal’s habitats: it has many consequences, and many horrible climate changes. Therefore, I do not think the benefits of land clearing outweigh the environmental impact of rainforest destruction.

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