aruments against industrail development
as of right now
As you all know Industrial development has been a part of our lives for a long time, as you know it causes pollution, but there is a whole other world behind that. Industrial development is not balanced our right, it destroy more then it could help in a couple of hundred years .Mainly because of the fallowing, not having enough resources, contributes to global warming, and it contaminates everything. I hope you see it through but listen to my reasoning.

better standered of living
climate change
loss of natral resources
extintion of species
gender equility
creates green house gasses
health care
ruins ecosytems
new technology
#1 problem causing/leading global warming
reduces enviromental impact todays tech
large amounts of co2


The environmental resources are so important, most wars are based on resources that the other land had. People all around the world need resources mostly for economic power for an example, WW1 (world war 1) also as the great war,it was caused by a move for economic power, the more economic power you have the more of the advantage have over the other recent studies shows that in the future people of our generation are going to have more of a trouble getting jobs, a good education, and so much more. We will run out of nonrenewable resources for an examples coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy. Trees Deforestation1.jpgare one of the most important plants on earth, they call it home
to many animals, if people cut down the trees where will animals live? That what’s industrial development is taking away from our planet so their companies can make MONEY. That’s what all companies need to stay in the game, in fact that’s what all people care about, they don’t care about the animals or ecosystems they’re destroying. If we don’t think of something fast to slow down this mass production might end to the natural resources.
Golbal Warming
Well we all know that global warming is here but we still have time to stop it, or at least slow down the warmer climates. Here let me explain, back in the days of the dinosaurs, the reason they grew so big is because animals and plants need much warmer climates to grow larger so they can absorb the heat from the air around them to help regulate their temperature. So the more they grew the more heat they needed to stay alive. So in the futu
re our plants and animals might grow like that in a couple hundred years. That being said just one degree won’t matter to us, but it could affect an entire ecosystem. I know people are probably going to say where does industrial development come into play here? Well it comes into play by causing one of the major sources leading to global warming, Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants is the number one and it is coming from industrial development companies, releasing thousands of pollutants each day into the atmosphere.According to research published in Nature, by 2050, rising temperatures could lead to the exintion of more than 1 million species. And because we can’t exist without a diverse population of species on Earth, this is scary news for humans. Sozzzzzzzreef_dying.jpg we wouldn't have a balanced world if we didn't animals. This includes the polar bear and its land is disappearing, the ice caps are melting and destroying the land and if the ice caps are destroyed, there will only be whales and sea and ocean waters making the land decrease therefore population density will most likely be uniformed and crowded. I’m only going to touch briefly about this destruction but I know there’s plenty more, coral reefs are the first to get destroyed by global warming. By the rise of sea and ocean waters coral reefs animals will die by the other creatures and for the ones that rely on coral reefs they are most likely to starve, or will have to find a different way of life.

As you know industrial development pollution, some people are like ‘big deal’. Well it really is a big deal well’ Air pollution is responsible for the deaths of 24,000 people in California annually—three times higher than previous estimates,according to new research. Rates of heart attacks, strokes, and other serious disease increase exponentially after even minimal exposure to particles of metal, dust, or other pollution from vehicles, smos-CALIFORNIA-AIR-QUALITY-RULES-large.jpgke factory’s, and industrial development pollutants. "There's no death certificate that says specifically someone died of air pollution, but cities with higher rates of air pollution have much greater rates of death from cardiovascular diseases,"said the chief researcher for the Calfsdaf;dasfdfsaf.jpgifornia ir Resources Board, Industrial development pollutants are no joke they can ruin entire ecosystems, only one river is contaminated with oil people say, ‘water is life’ and no water no life, plants need water and no plants, no oxygen, no animals, and finally no villages. Just from one tiny, accidental oil spill can cause all that, and that can affect us by having no food and no water, for long periods of time.

Future and Road Ahead
In the future if this road continues we, animals, or plants wouldn't have a place to call home if we didn't have drinking water, no food to hunt/ harvest, because if contaminated rivers, lakes, ponds, or anything. We wouldn't be able to hunt because of the health of the animals might be close to zero, we could get diseases. All there will be is companies hulling in huge amounts of money saying ‘something isn't right’ look outside and say what have we done? We ruined everything just to get money and blinded by that, we didn't see what is going on.
The conclusion is that not having enough resources, contributes to global warming, and it contaminates everything. Then it might end up looking like mars, but polluted. But in the future we are going to have to try our best to use different but renewable resources, try to slow down or possibly stop global warming by changing, and try to use none contaminates so we don’t pollute so nature will still prevail, and I hope you see my point.

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