Is nuclear Energy The Right Choice?
Sign of nuclear waste


If you think nuclear energy is good then you are wrong. Using nuclear energy is a terrible Idea because it costs too much money, it is very bad for the environment and it poses a strategic risk. Nuclear energy is energy released by a nuclear reactor, it is really bad for the environment and it could leak and kill surrounding animals.

Here are some of the pro's and con's of nuclear energy
in 2009 14% of worlds electricity came from nuclear power plants
Cost a lot of money
lower's carbon dioxide released into air
accidental spills from contaminated water poisoned fish
large generating capacity of electricity
threatens health of local communitys
most effcting way of making electricty
impose cancer risk as nuclear power plants get older
creats jobs for those who need it
last 20 nuclear power plants built have been $5000 for each killowatt

to much time to construct one

waste last up to 200-500 years in the ground

to much money.jpgBuilding a nuclear power plant is just too much money for the U.S. to pay for right now. The Last 20 nuclear power plants built in the U.S. have been $5,000 per kilowatt and it has 1,000 kilowatts. That is $5,000,000 each power plant and if you count the 19 more all combined it is $100,000,000. Also between 1956-2000 Canada has spent $16.6 billion on nuclear power plants. That is far more money than any amount of fossil fuel. Last but not least explosions, it would cost $571,788,000 to rebuild the nuclear power plant after an explosion. And if that happened even 2 times a year then it would be $1,143,576,000.

Another reason that nuclear energy is bad is
Gallons and gallons of nuclear waste
because it spreads nuclear waste. It could spread nuclear waste if it leaked out by doing that it could contaminate water and poison fishes and other sea animal if it’s near water. But if it isn’t near water then it could still kill land animals that are around such as rodents, insect’s birds and mammals. Next is that once the nuclear waste is spilled by a leak or something, then it means that it isn’t going away for a very long time. 200-500 years is about how many years it would take nuclear waste to go away. The worst part of this is that sometimes the waste (oil) if not sucked into ground, when it is sucked into the ground then it could spread underground and kill trees and plants. If it is sometimes caught in bucket then it would be dumped into the artic. This is bad because this is probably the reason that polar bears are extinct beside the fact of global warming.

Last, this is bad because it poses a target for terrorist. It has been said by president bush when he was president that he had found diagrams of American nuclear power plants in al-Qaeda materials. Which means that terrorist was possibly attempting to destroy nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants were not built to be safe from an air attack so if
terrorist tried to destroy one it would explode. If the nuclear power plant was to explode then every house, building etc. would probably be effected and even the people might possibly die. But the main concern about terrorist are that they could breach the thick concrete walls of fuel and drain the cooling water and the fuel will over heat and catch on fire possibly and will explode.

I think the
furture ahead
future for nuclear energy shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. We shouldn’t have nuclear power plants cause it is too much money for the economy right now in the U.S. Also it is very bad for the environment. What we should do is we should stop giving the power plant nuclear energy and wait till it just shuts down, because the more we use it, the more the environment is going to keep hurting.

Basically, nuclear power plants are not in my hand and I am not in their favor either. But the U.S. should just stop using them, one it will help are dept. in economics, two it wouldn’t hurt the environment and last it might not set a target for the terrorist.

In my research I learned a lot because I learned the pro’s and the con’s, also that it does have more con’s the pro’s on the websites I found. Now how we can stop using it? I think we should just stop building them and stop using giving them fuel to use the energy.
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