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Ocean Pollution

Do you know that lots of pollution ends up in the oceans of the world? Don’t throw your trash into the oceans because it pollutes it and some animals eat the trash and they choke and die. Also they think it is food and the animals eat it.
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Say if you drop your bottle cap and it misses you are thinking that it will not matter but it does matter. The next rain storm will push the little cap to the nearest drain that goes to the ocean that could be the death of the next water organism. It’s sad because it is true. Too many people are not throwing away their garbage and leave it on the sidewalk. Sometimes people don’t pay attention and they kick it in to the road. More rain will come and down the drain it will go in the sewer in to the next organism’s tummy. Then it dies.
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Sometimes fishermen lose the nets overseas and they could trap fish, turtles, crab and other animals that swim around the sea floor. Also turtles can’t distinguish what is a plastic bag and what is a jelly fish. They choose the wrong one, the bag clogs their arteries and they die from that plastic poisoning. Also there is something called the pacific garbage patch it is the size of Alaska and it only has garbage in it. For miles there is just garbage its one big mess sea birds think it is a big food table all for them. They find something bright and colorful. Then they eat it or give it to their young .Then they die.
And it is our entire fault because we are careless. And we need to realize that the ocean is not a garbage can. It is where organisms live and every day we break their habitat making it harder for them to live every day. But if everybody on this planet starts to get rid of all the plastic, and pick up the garbage that is on the beaches it will make the earth a better happier place to live on. Just so you know we only have one earth and we need to treat it right. If we start to get rid of all of the trash the earth will be healthier, the beaches will be healthier and the things that live here will be better.

Don’t pollute it is bad 1 it hurts animals 2 makes a mess 3 plastic cannot be destroyed it will stay on the planet forever.

Background Information:
Arguments for and against :

Thesis Statement:
Ocean litter is bad because tons of fish and marine life die from lots of trash and plastic.

Do the benefits of garbage disposal in the ocean outweigh the environmental impacts of ocean pollution

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